Lawyers Helping During Alimony Determinations

There are many factors that Georgia family court judges may consider when determining whether alimony is appropriate, and if it is, in what amount. Those factors when determining alimony include:

  • The standard of living during the marriage
  • Income and financial status of each party
  • Future earning capacity of each party
  • Separate assets of each party
  • Noneconomic contributions to the marriage by either spouse, such as child care or homemaking
  • Conduct of the parties toward each other during the marriage
  • Time that the receiving spouse may need to improve earning capacity through education or job training
  • Duration of the marriage

Talk With Our Attorneys About All Of Your Concerns

Courts generally base alimony on the need of one spouse and the other spouse's ability to pay. Alimony provides the dependent spouse temporary support when that spouse is pursuing goals to enhance his or her career.

In Georgia, a long-term marriage is generally regarded as 10 or more years. Spousal support is more common in long-term marriages. While the length of alimony is discretionary to the judge, a guideline approach is to take one-quarter to one-third of the length of the marriage for the payment of alimony. If circumstances change after the divorce and there are reasons to change the amount of alimony, talk to your lawyer about alimony modifications.

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