Understanding The Different Types Of Alimony

In the state of Georgia, spousal support and alimony may be awarded in different forms, depending on the circumstances:

  • Permanent alimony, where the paying spouse will continue payments until death or until the spouse receiving payments remarries or has a meritorious relationship (live-in lover law)
  • Temporary alimony, which is awarded during the divorce process and is used to address specific needs during the divorce, including attorneys' fees
  • Rehabilitative alimony, which is paid to help a spouse with lesser employability or earning capacity become adjusted to postmarital life by enabling that spouse to obtain an education or employment

There are many factors that are considered when awarding alimony and determining what type to award. There are also defenses to alimony, including adultery and willful abandonment.

If you or your spouse is seeking alimony or is considering seeking alimony, effective legal counsel is critical to the outcome. Talk to a divorce lawyer at The Law Offices of Abbott & Abbott P.C.

Experienced Spousal Support Attorneys In Georgia

Alimony is a highly subjective decision. If it goes to court, the judge will decide whether your divorce will include spousal support, how much it will amount to and for how long it will be paid. Your divorce attorney can present the necessary information with an explanation for why alimony is or is not necessary.

Because alimony is entirely within the judge's discretion, your lawyer's aggressive representation can be the difference in whether alimony is awarded.

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