New year, fresh start: Divorce rates rise in January

While divorce represents the end of a relationship, dealing with the emotions in a healthy way may lead to a positive outlook for the future.

Once the Christmas tree is taken down, thoughts typically turn to the new year, and many people in Georgia use this time to evaluate their goals and the direction of their lives. Maybe this is the reason that January is the month that sees the most divorces, Huffington Post reports. Unfortunately, the process can take a toll, and even those who are looking past the end of the marriage to the possibilities life holds once the dust settles may find the year more emotionally and physically taxing than they expected. Here are some ideas for dealing with the stressors.

Give yourself time

Grief is a natural response after ending a relationship, according to WebMD. Acknowledging the emotions without giving in to depression can be a balancing act, and many experts recommend talking it out. Whether a person turns to a therapist or a friend, this can be a great way to process the events and work through them.

Tap into your support group

In many cases, the loss of the marital relationship also means losing touch with some of the social network that was shared by the couple. Friends and family members have a way of choosing sides. However, as Yahoo News points out, it can also be an opportunity to grow closer to friends and to strengthen bonds. Scheduling special outings with friends can also give a person something to look forward to and prevent dwelling on the past.

Start something new

Allowing the emotional impact of a divorce to cause withdrawal and loneliness is all too easy, according to WebMD. Picking up a social hobby such as joining a sports team or taking classes to learn a new skill may help ease the pain of isolation. It is not necessarily a good idea to start dating right away, though. Attempting to use a new relationship to mask the pain can lead to even more heartache in the long run.

Address stress

Scientists have proven that stress can have serious health consequences, and Psychology Today reports that it is essential to address these from the beginning to prevent long-term damage to the immune system. Because some of the stress comes from attempting to cope with the unknowns, experts recommend countering anxiety by creating positive images that are only possible in the new situation.

Divorce often includes issues such as property division and custody arrangements, and these may be a significant source of stress. The attorneys at The Law Offices of Abbott & Abbott, P.C. may be able to alleviate some of that pressure so a person can begin the process of recovery.