Put a marital contract to work for you

People in Marietta, Georgia who are contemplating marriage or who may already be married can benefit from prenuptial or postnuptial agreements.

The days when prenuptial agreements were only needed by the very wealthy or elite are long gone. Many average couples in Marietta, Georgia and around the nation have found new ways to take advantage of prenuptial agreements and postnuptial agreements. Some of these benefits even extend beyond the standard protection related to asset protection and property division in the face of a divorce.

Reasonableness is number one

An article in the Huffington Post pointed out one of the most important elements of any prenuptial or postnuptial agreement is to be reasonable. When people attempt to make stipulations of or place conditions on others that are not deemed reasonable, a marital contract's legitimacy could be called into question. One example would be a clause requiring that one spouse maintain a specific hair color for the duration of the marriage.

New benefits for prenuptial agreements

One unique way that prenuptial agreements help people even without a divorce happening is via acting as an adjunct to other estate planning activities. As noted by the New York Daily news, a prenup can outline the wishes of one or both spouses in a marriage for any assets after they die. For people who get married once they already have children, this can be a very helpful way of preventing problems between stepchildren and other extended family member after a parent's death.

For people with businesses or interests in businesses, a prenuptial agreement can identify what is separate property so that it may be able to be kept out of a standard divorce settlement.

Another important type of protection that has emerged in recent years involves social media. Whether on Facebook, Twitter or some other platform, Fox News reported that many spouses can be prevented from posting slurring commentaries, photos or other information about their former partners by including social media clauses in their prenuptial agreements.

What a postnuptial agreement can do for stay-at-home parents

Once a couple chooses to have a child a parent who originally planned to continue working may have a change a mind and instead wish to stay home. In order to make that decision more palatable, the Daily Beast indicates that a postnuptial agreement can be drafted to guarantee a certain level of financial support if the couple later gets divorced in exchange for the sacrifice to stay home and give up an income.

How should couples proceed?

People interested in a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement should always seek legal input. Each party should have his or her own attorney and be sure to follow all guidelines to ensure it is enforceable.

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