Texting and Driving in Georgia

Georgia law is clear on texting and driving and simply states that texting on the phone behind the wheel is illegal. Law officials have had some difficulties with enforcement, but hope to find ways to narrow the dangerous behaviors and make Georgia road a safer place.

The Dangers of Texting and Driving

Texting and driving creates obvious dangers. When a person's eyes are off the road and on their cell phone, they are susceptible to hitting anything that moves in their way. They also can miss a turn or not see that the car in front of them stopped. Injuries from these distracted driving accidents can vary, but the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration statistics show that 18 percent of all accident fatalities are tied to a cell phone.

Georgia's Law

Although Georgia's law is clear about texting it is less clear in other areas. The law states that doing practically anything on one's cell phone is illegal, except for making a phone call. Only drivers over the age of 18 are allowed to talk on their phones. Those under 18 are only able to do so in an emergency. Who determines what an emergency is and issues with dialing a number which may look like texting present problems.

Difficulties with Enforcement

Because officers may not be able to tell if a driver is dialing a number or sending a text message, enforcement issues can result. There are also problems when a driver denies that they were texting. To prove they were officers have to get a warrant to check the phone records. This may sometimes be a pain, but may also be necessary in certain circumstances.

Holding Negligent Drivers Accountable

A driver that is texting while behind the wheel is not giving the attention necessary to drive in a safe manner. Because this person is distracted, they are being negligent and can be held liable for the damage that results to others as a result of their behavior.

If an accident happens and negligence is suspected, holding the negligent party responsible is beneficial for both deterrence factors and to help the injured party to feel whole once again. When injured parties work with experienced personal injury lawyers, they are able to seek damages for compensation of vehicle damages, medical bills, for missed time at work and pain and suffering damages. Personal injury lawyers work to ensure that the injured party receives all compensation they deserve and stand by their clients to protect their rights and integrity.