Cherokee County Child Custody

If you require child custody representation in Cherokee County, it is critical that you seek an attorney who is very experienced and knowledgeable with the local court system. This is because Cherokee County often requires more time for a divorce due to having fewer judges and an overburdened court caseload. Having an attorney represent you who is inexperienced and unfamiliar with navigating the local courts will only slow down your case even more. In addition, Cherokee County requires very specific paperwork, some which is not even required in other counties.

The custody attorneys at The Law Offices of Abbott & Abbott P.C. in Cherokee County, are well-aware of the time frame issues in Cherokee County and have specific skills and experience in this local court system. Our Georgia family law firm has an office in Canton, Georgia, the county seat of Cherokee County. We know the procedures necessary to protect you and your child's best interests in a child custody case.

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One Opportunity To Be Heard Before Final Hearing

Not only do divorce cases take longer in Cherokee County, but the courts permit only one temporary hearing. Our attorneys make the most of this opportunity when child custody, child support and spousal support are needed before the parties are able to have a final hearing on these crucial issues.

In addition, mediation is mandatory in Cherokee County. This is an ADR method where a third-party neutral facilitates a discussion between parties on any disputed issues. Many times child custody is highly contentious and requires mediation to help reach a solution.

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If you are considering divorce in Cherokee County, we can help you navigate their court systems so that your divorce issues, including child custody, are handled as efficiently as possible.

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