Helping Grandparents Understand Their Rights

You want to be able spend time with your grandchild. You want to protect your grandchild. If your son or daughter has died and you fear losing contact with your grandchild, or if your son or daughter is unfit to care for your grandchild, we can determine what your rights as a grandparent are and how to proceed legally to obtain custody.

At The Law Offices of Abbott & Abbott P.C., we care about children and families. We will advocate for your continued involvement in your grandchild's life. Our lawyers can help you understand your rights as a grandparent. We understand family is important and we will fight for you to be a part of your grandchild's life.

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Establishing Custody

If you have had an active role in your grandchild's life, you have a right to continue to be a part of it. To get custody of your grandchild, we will need to prove that the child's parents are unfit. The court may find a parent unfit when the parent is:

  • Making bad choices for the child
  • An alcoholic or a drug addict
  • Mentally incapacitated

Full custody of the child is possible where both of the child's parents have lost the right to custody. In that case, our attorneys will work to have you appointed as a third-party custodian. This means that you would have full custodial rights to your grandchildren and can continue to love and protect them.

Visitation Of Grandchildren

If you are not being allowed to see your grandchild, our attorneys can petition the court to grant you visitation rights. Whether it is because your own son or daughter passed away, recently divorced or lost custody, we will pursue your rights in court.

Child Support For Grandparents

Every parent is obligated to support his or her children. This applies even where the child is in the custody of a grandparent. If you have third-party custody of your grandchild, our attorneys can work to have the child's parents pay child support. We will make sure that you understand Georgia's child support guidelines and will give you an honest assessment of your likelihood of obtaining child support.

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