Establishing A Parenting Plan That Works For You

If you are involved in a divorce in the state of Georgia, and you have a child or children, you will need to file a parenting plan with the superior court. A parenting plan will outline how you and your ex-spouse will co-parent your children once the divorce is final. If you and your spouse cannot agree on a parenting plan, this plan can be resolved through mediation or in superior court through litigation.

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Parenting Time Considerations In Georgia

In your parenting plan, you and your spouse will need to decide:

  • Legal custody: The right to make important decisions for your child, including religious upbringing, education and medical care. Legal custody can often be joint and parents will have to determine how disagreements should be resolved.
  • Primary physical custodian: This determines where the child will live. Primary physical custody can be with the father, mother or joint.
  • How parenting time will be shared: When one parenting has primary physical custody of children, the other parent will usually have parenting time that is according to a written schedule. This schedule can vary depending on the circumstances and the needs of the parents and children.

Learn More About Parenting Plans

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