Child Support Orders Can Be Modified

Circumstances change in every family. Following a divorce, a material change in circumstances may require a change in child support. If you need to seek a change in the child support arrangements between you and your ex-spouse, talk to a lawyer at The Law Offices of Abbott & Abbott P.C. in Marietta and Canton, Georgia.

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No change in child support should be made without a court order. An attorney experienced with Georgia child support laws can explain how and under what circumstances a child support order can be changed.

  • If both parents agree to change child support, isn't that good enough? No. The court needs to approve any change to child support. Failure to gain court approval could lead to a contempt action. Make the change legal.
  • What does a material change in circumstances mean? If either parent has a substantial change in income — either less income or more — the support guidelines would indicate a change in support.
  • A child's serious illness could also be a reason to modify a child support order. More financial support may be needed to cover medical expenses and care. The court will need evidence of the illness and the related expenses. A child's illness may mean that the custodial parent can no longer work because of caring for the child.

If you need to change child support, contact us for an appointment. Call our office in Marietta (678-905-8781) or Canton (678-792-4908), Georgia, for a consultation. We accept all major credit cards.