We Understand The Nuances Of Military Divorce

Being a member of the armed forces can create additional difficulties when facing divorce. Whether you are overseas, facing a custody dispute, or are concerned about protecting your pension and military retirement funds, it is important to know your rights. Spouses of military members may also face additional challenges and should be aware of their privileges and access to pensions in the event of a divorce. At The Law Offices of Abbott & Abbott P.C., we have extensive experience representing clients in military divorces.

Military divorce can be more complex than a civilian divorce. Know your rights and your obligations. We can protect your future and your family.

The Legal Services We Provide

Our firm handles military divorce issues including:

Military Members, Divorce And The Division Of Property

One of the most complex issues faced by members of the military and their spouses after divorce is the division of property. Depending on rank and seniority of the military member and the duration of the marriage, the rights and access to a pension and retirement funds will be affected. If you are considering a military divorce or you are a military spouse concerned about your access to a pension, it is important to consult with an attorney as soon as possible. Our lawyers are dedicated to protecting your rights and your best interests at the time of divorce.

Military Divorce And Custody

Oftentimes, custody disputes will be complicated for members of the military. You may have been overseas during the separation process and wonder about your custody rights in the event of divorce. If you are a military spouse, you may wonder about your options and the possibility of relocation or a move away after divorce. In any case, our attorneys will take the time to inform you of your rights and obligations and create a strategy to protect the best interests of your children after divorce.

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