Valuation And Division Of Your Business In Divorce

If you or your spouse is a business owner or is self-employed, your property division agreement will be complex. There is often more than meets the eye in the valuation of a business in divorce. Partnerships, retained earnings, business debt, intellectual property and many other items and agreements make matters complicated fast.

In many cases, completely divesting from or liquidating business assets does not make sense, whereas family businesses may be impossible to run when spouses divorce. There are options, opportunities and significant risks in any business valuation and distribution of value in divorce.

Get The Right Georgia Lawyers For The Job

Whether the business is a small local business with 20 to 50 employees or a much larger enterprise, we have the skill to address your unique challenges. You can be confident in our approach and resourcefulness. With over 30 years of combined experience in a variety of high-asset divorce matters, we will pursue your fair and equitable outcome in your best interests for the long term.

Marital Property Vs. Separate Property

If the business was started during the course of your marriage, it is considered marital property in its entirety and, in divorce, the business assets and value will be subject to equitable division. If the business was started prior to the marriage, a portion of it may be considered separate property, and that portion will not need to be divided.

The Need For Expert Appraisers

Business valuation is no easy task. Expert appraisers must come in to assist us with the valuation. No two businesses can be looked at the same way. There are small businesses in which owners put in all the work and, without the work of the owners, they are worth relatively little. There are other businesses that could be sold for a significant profit.

No matter what your situation, we will fight to protect what is yours and to achieve fair division whether through negotiated settlement or court trial.

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