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Welcome to Our Cherokee County, Georgia, Divorce Law Blog

| Aug 26, 2010 | Firm News |

Welcome to our Cherokee County Divorce Law Blog! At Abbott & Abbott, we focus exclusively on family law and divorce. We understand that divorce can be a difficult process. That is why we strive to provide clear and valuable information to our clients, so they can make wise decisions for themselves and for their family.

Divorce and family law are areas of law that can be extremely complicated and have the potential to profoundly change your life. With so much depending on the outcome of your case, you can rest assured knowing that our attorneys will aggressively protect your rights.

The goal of our Cherokee County Divorce Blog is to keep people informed about news, important information and new developments in the fields of divorce and family law. Our blog will focus on information that people contemplating or going through divorce might find informative and valuable. We will provide updates on recent cases in the news, explanations of important divorce or family law topics, legislative updates, and any other topics relevant to divorce and family law in Georgia.

Our blog will cover a variety of topics, including:

  • Divorce
  • Modifications of child custody and child support
  • Contempt hearings, including those related to child support or child custody
  • Visitation rights
  • High-asset divorce

We hope that you find this blog useful and informative, and we encourage you to come back regularly for updates on important Georgia divorce and family law news. If you have comments or questions about our blog posts, or if you would like to speak with a lawyer, please contact us online or call us toll free at 678-905-8781. You can also reach our Marietta office directly at 678.290.7650 or our Canton office directly at 678-905-8781.


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