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$5 Million Death Was Self-Defense

| Sep 20, 2010 | Firm News, High-Asset Divorce |

Eyebrows more than rose when a Georgia woman’s husband was found deceased in their million dollar home amidst a bitter divorce. A jury cleared the air this past Friday when it returned with a determination that the woman acted in self-defense when she shot her husband six times in March of 2008.

The woman had been accused of murdering her husband in a rage after finding out that he was trying to move the bulk of their $5 million estate into offshore accounts during their high-asset divorce. The husband’s mistress testified that he complained of his wife’s spending habits and that “he was moving his money, as much as he could, outside the United States.”

The couple was married in February of 2000, but the final year of the marriage was filled with violence and infidelity. The couple filed for divorce in after an incident in which the husband put the wife in a headlock when she confronted him with evidence of an affair. A reconciliation agreement was entered into in 2007 in which the husband agreed to place the $900,000 home under the wife’s name and provider her with $1 million in exchange for the chance to make the relationship work.

The agreement to reconcile proved unsuccessful when the wife filed a contempt motion against the husband for failure to follow the terms of the agreement. On March 3, 2008 an argument ended in the death of the husband. The wife testified in court to her husband’s propensity for violence as well as the violence he exhibited the final night of their marriage. She testified that she tried to exit the house with her daughter but was forced to shoot him when the 6-ft 200-pound man cornered her.

This was the second time a DeKalb County jury had to determine whether the homicide was justifiable. The first trial ended in a jury deadlock late February. 

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Update: Associated Press “Ga. Woman Cleared of Charges in Husband’s Death” 9/18/10


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