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Georgia Couple Defies Divorce Statistics

| Sep 29, 2010 | Divorce, Firm News |

Whether or not you believe that divorce laws have made the process simpler or that it has become more socially acceptable, the fact is that divorce rates have increased in the past fifty years. As the divorce rates increase, so do the number of children who experience their parent’s divorce.

Studies have shown that children of divorced parents have a substantially higher risk of divorce in their own relationships. As they celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary, one Georgia couple also celebrated their defiance against the statistics. Both spouses were determined not to follow in their parent’s footsteps that had been riddled with divorce.

Professor of family and consumer studies at the University of Utah said that in a marriage where one spouse comes from a divorced family, the risk of divorce is 50 percent higher. Even more shocking is that the risk of divorce is 200 percent higher when both spouses have experienced their parent’s divorce.

The young Georgia couple knew from the start of their relationship that divorce was not an option. They participated in premarital counseling and read numerous books about relationships and divorce. The young woman said that for a while her parent’s divorce had caused her to distrust men before ever giving them a chance to earn her trust.

Brad Wilcox, the director of The National Marriage Project said that divorce is only one sociological risk factor in relationships and that children of divorced parents can react in a number of different ways. He instructs couples to voice their concerns in a relationship if they want to preserve it. One couple said that staying together depends on the support and patience they give each other when one spouse makes a mistake.

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