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Adopted Guatemalan Boy’s Future could be Decided by Christmas

| Dec 13, 2010 | Firm News, Visitation Rights |

In a prior post titled Adoption of Guatemalan Child of an Imprisoned Illegal Immigrant Contested, we published the news of a young Guatemalan mother whose parental rights to her young boy were terminated while she was incarcerated for using false papers to obtain a job in the United States. The Guatemalan ambassador to the United States came to advocate for the mother at a hearing where both parties in the child custody case presented their arguments to the Missouri Supreme Court.

The court announced this month that they would hear the case and have said that they could possibly make a determination about the child’s future any day now, possibly before the holidays.

Although news of situations like the young mother’s often do not make the front page news, they are much more common than most people may think. According to immigrant advocates, from 1998 to 2007, 108,000 illegal immigrants were deported from the United States who were forced to leave one or more of their children behind with no indication of when they may be able to reunite.

In fact, there are approximately 5.5 million children currently in the United States with at least one parent of an undocumented status whose lives could change at any moment.

Be sure to check the blog on Wednesday, when in the next posting, we will discuss some of the factors that have contributed to the problem surrounding millions of families residing in the United States.

Source: The World “Court Considers fate of adopted Guatemalan boy” Sylvia Maria Gross 12/6/10


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