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GA Judge Grants Controversial Couple More Visitation Rights, Denies Custody

| Dec 27, 2010 | Firm News, Visitation Rights |

Two Georgia parents were excited to gain additional visitation time with their young child as an early Christmas present, but they say that visitation is not enough. The couple has been involved in a controversial child custody battle over their 4-year-old boy but was made famous for their even more controversial relationship.

The couple’s marriage drew national attention nearly 5 years ago in 2006. What made the couple’s relationship so controversial was the fact that at the time, the boy was only 15-years-old but was involved with a 39-year-old next door neighbor who was pregnant with their child.

The woman pled guilty to the criminal charges filed against her and was incarcerated. The couple was wed during the criminal proceeds initiated against the woman for their sexual relationship, but to the surprise of many, the couple has stayed together even after a court ordered sanction prevented them from seeing each other for nearly two years. The boy was born while his mother was incarcerated, and for approximately four years, the boy has been in the custody of his legal guardian, a friend and co-worker of the woman.

While the relationship itself draws advocates from all ends of the spectrum and raises several issues of debate, the fact remains that it is still their biological child and they have the right to request that the judge grant them their parental rights in the child custody case.

For the judge, however, the controversy and personal opinions are left out of the courtroom, and he must consider all relevant factors and make a determination concerning what is in the best interests of the child.

Source: My Fox Atlanta “Lisa Lynette Clark, Husband Seek Custody of Child” Doug Evans 12/8/10


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