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The Cloud over Dodger Ownership Begins to Clear as McCourt Divorce Nears End

| Dec 3, 2010 | Firm News, High-Asset Divorce |

Frankie McCourt was awarded over $200,000 per month in alimony, not including the $400,000 per month she receives from her former husband for monthly mortgage payments, but the former Mrs. McCourt claims that she deserves more. The recent divorcee claims that 50 percent of the Los Angeles Dodgers belongs to her, and she, and the rest of the anxiously awaiting baseball community, will receive a final decision by January 18, 2011.

The drama of the McCourt high asset divorce has been in the news since the couple’s October 2009 initiation of divorce proceedings. The divorce was finalized in late November of 2010, but one issue still remains. The couple was given an extra 11 days to come to an amicable agreement over the ownership of the team. In what was not a shocking revelation, the two allowed the deadline to pass without reaching an agreement.

Frank McCourt purchased the Major League Baseball team back in 2004 and the couple decided that they would enter into a postnuptial agreement that set out the ownership terms in the event of a divorce. What the couple apparently could not agree on was which of the two agreements presented to the court was the one that they both knowingly entered into. While each versions appeared valid, one gave 100 percent ownership to Frank and the other did not.

The couple has already spent over $20 million in legal fees during the divorce proceedings, increasing that number for at least another month. The family court judge has until January 18 to make a decision on the Dodger’s ownership as the final remaining piece of the couple’s property division.

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