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Christina Milian Talks about How Her Georgia Divorce was the Best Decision

| Jan 7, 2011 | Firm News, High-Asset Divorce |

Christina Milian, the famous singer and recent divorcee has remained quiet about her marriage and her high-asset divorce from Tarius Nash, commonly referred to as “The Dream.” The young star opened up this week in an interview with Latina magazine where she shared with her fans that the Georgia divorce made her feel “brand new.”

The couple had portrayed themselves in the media as a happily married duo, but Milian says that was far from the truth. Milian went along with the plan to hide their marital problems but confessed that she lost herself in the lie. “No matter what, you can’t change who you are. I know that now,” she said. “I tried to be someone I wasn’t because I wanted my marriage to work. But ultimately, if it’s not working, it’s not working.”

Milian said she learned a lot about herself this year, and has become a kind of self-advocate, sharing the positive effects a divorce can have. According to the singer, it was the right decision and the best decision. One of the major factors in Milian’s decision to divorce was Nash’s infidelity, an issue that caused a significant amount of controversy between the two.

The one thing the couple could agree on was the terms of their amicable Fulton County divorce. The singer and producer were able to come to agreement over alimony and child support for their newborn daughter, Violet. With the divorce finalized, Milian says she can focus on raising Violet. “I’m ready for the next phase of my life,” she excitedly told interviewers.

Source: “Christina Milian Talks Marriage To The-Dream, Infidelities” Jayson Rodriguez 1/3/11


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