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Jon & Kate Plus 8… And 1 Contempt Hearing Relating to Child Custody

| Jan 12, 2011 | Contempt Hearings Relating To Child Custody Or Support, Firm News |

Jon & Kate Gosselin became known to the world in their TLC network reality television show, aptly named Jon & Kate Plus 8, about parenting multiples. The couple made the details of their family life and marital relationship public by allowing cameras into their home to film their daily interactions. The show included a testimonial segment where they answered questions and explained situations that arose during an episode.

Nearly every detail of their marital life was broadcast to viewers across the nation, and their highly-publicized divorce was no different. The ups and downs, rumors and accusations of infidelity made against both parties and property division was watched and scrutinized, but eventually the couple’s divorce was finalized. Both parties went their separate ways, until now. It was reported early yesterday that Kate Gosselin had filed a contempt action relating to child custody against her ex-husband.

According to Kate Gosselin, she had previously planned a trip for herself and the eight young children. The party of nine was going to travel to New Zealand, an experience that would be captured by the cameras filming Kate’s post-divorce spinoff reality show called Kate Plus 8. Jon Gosselin reportedly attempted to prevent his ex-wife from taking the children across seas.

Although in the end, the children successfully attended the trip with their mother and have now continued to Australia, the ex-wife reportedly had her attorney file a contempt of custody action this past week while they were away. The contempt action came as a bit of a shock as the couple has appeared to successfully follow the child custody order in the past.

Source: The Examiner “Jon Gosselin: are ‘Kate Plus 8’ star Kate Gosselin and ex having custody issue?” 1/11/11


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