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Asset division difficult in Milian and The Dream’s divorce

| Feb 10, 2011 | Firm News, High-Asset Divorce |

In an earlier post we discussed the divorce between Christina Milian and Tarius Nash. At that point, various celebrity news sources made the divorce seem amicable, and MTV reported that the two had already reached an agreement regarding the terms of their child support, spousal support and the division of assets.

However, like many high-asset divorces, finalizing the divorce settlement has proved more complex than the pair initially expected. One of the most challenging parts of almost every divorce is dividing the assets between the parties. For individuals who have a high net worth – including extensive real estate, a family-owned business or large investments – an effective settlement can determine how thousands or millions of dollars are divided.

Because Nash (commonly known as The Dream) works with Justin Bieber in his song production, a percentage of his profits from that success are going to Milian. While it has already been established that she will receive some portion of that jackpot, the argument is now over what portion she will receive.

According to TMZ, The Dream originally agreed to pay Milian 10 percent of the publishing interest in one of Bieber’s recent hits. Milian and her attorney are now pushing to renegotiate the divorce settlement, which would include a larger percentage of the profits from Bieber’s song.

Like many divorces, agreeing on the actual settlement is proving more difficult than initially expected. Visit the blog later to learn more about additional details of their Georgia divorce.

Source: TMZ, “Bieber in the Middle of Dream/Milian Divorce Battle,” 1 February 2011


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