During a divorce, one of the things most parents are concerned about is the welfare of their children. Whenever the courts in Georgia make decisions involving children, their primary concern is whether the decision is in the best interests of the kids. While we all hope that is also what motivates parents, with some people, it can be difficult to know for sure.

Some parents view their children as pawns, using them as playing pieces to tip the courts in their favor. If one parent is facing allegations of domestic abuse or has a history of threatening violence, that would be taken into consideration during future custody agreements. Although we don’t know the exact thought process behind Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller’s recent child custody fights, it’s easy to understand what they’re both fighting for – time with their twin boys.

Earlier this month, Brooke Mueller obtained a restraining order against Charlie Sheen. When the temporary order went into effect, the boys were taken from Charlie’s home, and Charlie was forbidden to see them.

Because the restraining order alleged that Charlie had threatened Brooke when they were on vacation, Charlie’s home was searched for guns. Police found an antique gun, but it has not been determined whether the gun is a violation of Charlie’s restraining order. If it is, Charlie could face criminal charges.

Charlie and Brooke recently reached an agreement that gives them both visitation rights and will end the pursuit of the restraining order. In an effort to protect the twin boys, the details of the custody agreement have been kept confidential.

Source: Boston Herald, “Charlie Sheen and ex-wife strike custody agreement,” Associated Press, 11 March 2011