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Divorce lessons to learn from Charlie Sheen

| Mar 13, 2011 | Divorce, Firm News |

Many people look to celebrities as role models. We admire their sense of fashion and the millions of dollars some make daily. We would be well-advised to copy the actions of some celebrities – their donations to charities and the work ethic of some.

However, other celebrities are classic examples of what not to do. Charlie Sheen is a name that comes to mind. Almost every step of his child custody and divorce has been followed by the media, and individuals in Georgia can learn a great deal from his mistakes.

Although you may be ready to begin dating other people right away, it can be beneficial to wait until your divorce is finalized. If there are children involved, the court’s primary interest is protecting their best interests, and they may see “extramarital activities” as being inconsistent with your children’s interests.

Next, if you struggle with substance abuse, try to keep that quiet. If the divorce is contested, admitting to drug use (or drug abuse) may be used against you. This can be especially true when the judge is determining child custody arrangements, and it may also be a factor during property division.

Finally, keep your anger in check. If you were full of love and good feelings for your soon-to-be ex-spouse, you wouldn’t be getting a divorce. However, losing your temper or making violent threats against the other party will not win you any favors with the court. Even if the threats are idle, they could be used against you during the divorce hearing.

At some point, Charlie Sheen was a man worth admiring, but most of the lessons we can learn from him now are negative. If he doesn’t clean up his act quickly, he will likely not be winning in the family law courts.

Source: Huffington Post, “Lessons Learned From Charlie Sheen For Your Custody Trial,” Susan Moss, 9 March 2011


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