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Kill Bill actor facing arrest for child support contempt

Every parent has a financial responsibility to their children. Regardless of whether you spend time with your children, a portion of your paycheck should be used to provide your children with the things they need.

In Georgia, when parents refuse to make court-ordered payments, they can be arrested for child support contempt. Currently, actor Michael Madsen is facing arrest for precisely that reason.

Michael Madsen became famous for his role in Kill Bill. However, he is making headlines again because he fell short of his financial obligations. Michael was expected to make a court appearance earlier this month, but he failed to show up for the hearing related to his child support and spousal support payments.

At that point, the judge ruled that Michael was in contempt, and a warrant was issued for his arrest. Michael currently owes more than $570,000 in child and spousal support debt. If he is caught, he will need to pay even more money. When the police department issued the arrest warrant, they set his bail at $26,000.

There are legitimate reasons for struggling with child support payments. Losing a job or suffering from severe healthcare problems might warrant child support modifications. However, until the parent paying support contacts a lawyer and the arrangements are formally changed, he or she is responsible for making the full payments.

Food, clothing, healthcare and insurance all come with price tags, and parents are responsible for providing the necessities. When parents fail to support their children financially, they can face criminal consequences.

Source: CBS News, "Michael Madsen Warrant: Kill Bill actor wanted for alleged child support debts," Edecio Martinez, 14 March 2011

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