In many situations, when we hear about celebrity divorces, we hear about long, contentious legal battles between the two parties. Without realizing it, we may think that is what every divorce needs to be like. In reality, that is not the case.

In Georgia, many couples are able to work through the divorce process amicably. There are even some celebrity couples for us to look at as role models. One example is Christina Aguilera, who recently divorced her husband of five years.

The divorce laws vary from state to state, but after Aguilera and her husband separated, they were required to wait for six months before they could finalize their divorce. During that time, they were able resolve the issues related to child custody and asset division.

When the couple initially split, Aguilera requested that she and her ex have joint physical and legal custody of their 3-year-old son. As they approached the divorce hearing, the couple agreed on a parenting plan that divided parental responsibilities between them.

Thankfully, the couple also signed a prenuptial agreement before they were married. While many high asset couples spend months or years fighting about how much alimony will be paid or how they will split their largest assets, Aguilera and her ex did not need to spend much time negotiating their finances. Most things were already detailed in the prenup.

Although it would be foolish to enter a marriage you didn’t plan to stay in, there are preventative measures you can take in case divorce is the only option. If that is the situation you are in, it can be reassuring to know that you can get divorced without undertaking the emotional battle of your life.

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