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Getting the right settlement in high-asset divorce

| May 26, 2011 | Firm News, High-Asset Divorce |

Couples in Georgia who are working through divorce tend to face challenging emotional battles. Legal experts say that conflicted personal feelings often get in the way of negotiating logical and objective high asset divorce settlements.

Out of spite or frustration, divorcing spouses may request things they don’t need or want when a marriage ends. Without a well thought-out plan, present and future financial protection can be compromised.

Selecting a divorce attorney is recommended through an interview process. Some legal consultants suggest interviewing at least three matrimonial divorce specialists before any choices are made. Asking for a lawyer’s credentials, experience, fees and settlement success rates are paramount. So is the trust and feeling of support between a client and attorney.

Specialists who can enhance a logical, legal divorce process are often worth the extra expense, especially for couples who have large or complex estates. Some of the available specialists include:

  • Divorce financial planners: Certified and specialized to handle financial matters specific to divorce
  • Valuation experts: Determine the actual worth of a couple’s assets, from stock options to family businesses
  • Forensic accountants: Unearth assets and liabilities so all information is available at the settlement table and so no assets or liabilities are hidden
  • Real estate appraisers: Accurately and fairly value marital property and commercial real estate

Financial specialists and evaluators can work directly with divorce attorneys to create air-tight settlement plans. For soon-to-be ex-spouses suffering emotionally through a divorce, a counselor who deals predominantly with separating and divorced couples can help ease the transition back to being single.

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