As the holidays approach, people struggling with divorce are likely to feel the effects even more deeply. Whether a person is in the midst of a divorce or looking back, whether the divorce was their choice or not, coping with the consequences requires enormous effort and insight.

Advice for people whose lives are touched by Georgia divorce can be found in many sources. Websites, books and support groups can all offer valuable guidance.

Divorce and the Holidays: Seek Support, Take Care of Yourself

Many use the New Year to make resolutions about improving eating and exercising habits. The holidays are already a stressful time, and deciding to get a divorce will only increase the stress that a person may be feeling. Many may be going through a divorce for the first time, which can lead to many questions and uncertainties about what happens next. Moving forward can be difficult.

No matter how gracefully it is handled, divorce makes an impact for those involved. And for people who go through divorces that are more contentious, the effects are even greater.

Some divorced men and women begin new relationships right away. Others may throw themselves into work or childrearing. It is important to remember that your emotional well-being is important as well. Instead of making a New Year’s resolution to cut cholesterol, for instance, people who have experienced divorce should consider resolving to deal with the stress that may result when going through a major life change.

However one chooses to approach the situation, it is certain that divorce affects nearly every area of a person’s life. Taking that into account when the holidays arrive, and addressing it, can lead to happier holidays down the road.