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Wife seeks sole custody in high-asset divorce

Kenneth C. Griffin, the billionaire hedge fund manager, made headlines and may have caught the interest of Georgia couples when he decided to divorce his wife, Anne, to whom he has been married for 11 years. On Sept. 2, she filed documents in Cook County, Illinois, that formally requested she be allowed to move to New York and take sole custody of their children. According to court documents, she asserts that their prenuptial agreement, which she signed on the day before their wedding in July 2003, should be voided because she was pressured into agreeing to it under stressful circumstances.

According to the filings, Mr. Griffin suggested that the couple attend counseling in order to work through their differences prior to the wedding. They saw a psychologist who advised her to sign the agreement. However, the documents also say that Mr. Griffin was already a patient of that psychologist prior to the counseling session and did not disclose that information to his wife-to-be at that time. She contends that the counseling session was a ruse intended to convince her to sign.

If the prenuptial agreement is upheld, Ms. Griffin would be entitled to approximately $50 million, which is an estimation of what 1 percent of Mr. Griffin's net worth is. According to the news source, that figure was derived from Forbes's estimate of his net worth.

The divorce process often centers on the division of assets, prenuptial agreements can heavily influence how marital property is divided. However, the validity of a prenuptial agreement may be contested as seen in the case described earlier. A spouse seeking to challenge a prenuptial agreement during a divorce may benefit from consulting with an attorney.

Source: CNBC, "Anne Griffin Seeks to Void Prenuptial Agreement With Ken Griffin", Michael J. de la Merced, September 03, 2014

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