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State of Georgia uses formula to determine child support needs

| Oct 12, 2014 | Divorce, Firm News |

There are a number of different things to take into account when a Georgia couple wishes to end a marriage, particularly how any and all children shared by the spouses will be cared for into the future. One of the most difficult parts of the entire divorce process comes when one party is asked to meet certain child support obligations with the other.

As of 2007, Georgia laws regarding child support obligations underwent several changes. The primary difference in the new law as opposed to older models includes consideration of both parties’ income levels when determining child support payment orders and amounts. Gross income, or totals for all income earned, for each party is now averaged together to come up with one final amount.

That adjusted, combined amount is then plugged into a pre-determined income table to help the court determine how much of a percentage of the child’s needs each parent will be obligated to support. The formula was established in order to keep one parent from shouldering a majority of the burden of paying for a child’s needs and also includes exceptions and allowances for the parent who will shoulder the costs of insurance and other necessary programs that benefit the child.

While the formula the state of Georgia has established has gone a long way toward helping regulate the issue of child support for divorcing parents, there is still room for legal maneuvering on either side. Anyone who is going through a divorce and a determination of the support process may feel a need to speak with a legal representative about his or her rights and obligations where these types of payments are concerned.

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