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Limiting the cost of a divorce

| Feb 18, 2015 | Divorce, Firm News |

Getting a divorce can be an expensive process in Georgia, but there are ways for individuals to keep the costs in line. Financial planners encourage those going through one to prepare for the divorce ahead of time by developing a better understanding of their assets, income, living expenses, and debts. Worksheets can be used to work through the process, and specialists can help in cases where there are family businesses or high-value assets.

People may also want to learn more about their rights and responsibilities in relation to the divorce process. While someone may not want to pay child support, for example, the state may have clear guidelines for determining the amount of support that will be required. Fighting against those legal guidelines may prove to be expensive and fruitless. However, there may be other areas where an individual will have a strong legal case for limiting their losses.

People on both sides of a divorce are encouraged to remember that attorneys bill by the hour, and raising issues that are better addressed with friends or in a therapy session will only drive up the cost. When speaking with the attorney, clients should be concise and stay on point in order to keep the hours down and the costs under control. This also means that people should take a close look at the issues they are disputing and decide if it is really worth the extra time, expense and frustration. In many cases, the issues are small and can easily be set aside in the interest of expediting and simplifying the process.

Before making any major decisions regarding a divorce or agreeing to certain child support or alimony payments, it may be beneficial to meet with an attorney. Legal counsel can help determine if the proposed arrangements are fair, legally enforceable and in their client’s best interests.

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