In a battle for custody, a party may resort to parental alientation, as a tactic, to get custody of the child(ren), and in the process interfere and perhaps damage the relationship betweend the other parent and the child.  This could cause irreparable emotional distress to the child.  In our case, the Father did everything he could to alienate the child from his Mother, who had been the primary caretaker of the child since his birth.  Ultinately the Court awarded custody to our client, the Mother, and ordered a very specific and conditional parenting plan for the Father.  Due to the alienation by the Father, the Court also ordered that the child undergo therapy with his Mother so as to help reestablish their relationship.  This case demonstrates that when a parent hates the other parent more than they love the child, and that they are willing to hurt that child through parental alienation, that the Court does recognize parental alienation and justice does prevail in the end.