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Initial consultations with family law attorneys

| Aug 13, 2015 | Divorce, Firm News |

When a Georgia family decides that it is time for a divorce, the first step is for each spouse to seek an attorney. If there is no conflict keeping an attorney from being able to represent the person, they may set up an initial consultation.

When going to the initial consultation with a family law attorney, a person preparing for a divorce should be prepared to discuss the case. This initial consultation usually requires the individual seeking divorce to do most of the talking. The attorney should be asking questions and taking notes. They will need background information including the ages of any children as well as employment and income information for both spouses, among other things. The person may wish to bring with them records of accounts and information about their separate and joint assets.

Once the attorney has the information that they need, they should discuss any potential issues that may come up during the case. These can include custody time, parenting time and the financial aspects of a case. Additionally, mediation and alternative dispute resolutions–and the pros and cons of each method–should be discussed. Finally, they should provide the information about any financial arrangements they require to be retained.

Any person who is going through a divorce should have the ability to freely discuss their case with their family law attorney. Not only can the attorney potentially represent them when in court, but they may also have answers to any questions the person has about their case. These might include issues regarding custody or visitation disputes, alimony requests or the separation of marital assets and joint finances. Additionally, they may also help with parent relocation if the person needs to move out of the county or if the other parent needs to move.


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