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Why couples can benefit from a divorce statement

| Aug 18, 2015 | Divorce, Firm News |

Talking about a divorce isn’t easy whether the conversation happens in front of millions of people or in front of friends and family members. While celebrity divorces may get more attention, there is one thing that Georgia couples whose marriages are ending can learn from them. The biggest takeaway is that it may be beneficial to issue a divorce statement prior to, during or after the event has been finalized.

Although making a divorce statement may seem awkward, it can help avoid many painful or embarrassing conversations. When someone asks about a former spouse or why the couple separated, an individual can reference the statement and the conversation is over. Depending on how a couple wishes to handle the statement, both parties may post the same message on social media. Regardless of what the message is, a simple statement helps an individual get in front of the issue and control how and when it is discussed.

Issuing a statement may keep away those who want to know all of the details surrounding the divorce. While they may mean well, those who are going through a divorce may not be in a clear state of mind. Therefore, it may be best if they are able to determine what is said when they are ready to say it.

A person who is facing the end of a marriage may wish to talk to an attorney as soon as possible. Legal counsel may be able to help an individual find hidden assets or assert parental rights after the divorce is finalized. In some cases, an attorney may be able to help a client negotiate a comprehensive settlement agreement that can be approved by the court. This may help resolve the matter quickly and without straining important relationships.


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