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Individuals and couples in Georgia sometimes have concerns about adoption. This may be because a single person or a couple is interested in starting or adding to their family by adopting an infant, child or teen. In some cases, adults wish to adopt their stepchildren or children of relatives. In rare cases, adults may wish to adopt another adults.

Most people are familiar with adoption by couples who are either unable to have children or who prefer to build a family this way. Parents seeking to adopt a child sometimes work with a public or private child welfare agency that can then match a child with a family. In other cases, adults who are seeking to adopt try to find a child or expectant mother on their own.

In some cases, a stepparent decides that he or she would like to adopt his or her spouse’s child from a previous relationship or marriage. In many cases, permission from the other biological parent, as well as the custodial parent, will be necessary to complete the adoption. In the event that the other biological parent is impossible to contact or does not consent to the adoption, contacting a lawyer may be necessary.

Most, but not all, states permit an adult to adopt another adult. However, laws vary widely as to whether the courts will permit such an adoption to go through. Some states mandate that there must be a significant age difference between an adopter and an adoptee.

Individuals who are interested in adoption may benefit from speaking with an experienced adoption attorney. A lawyer may be able to review a client’s circumstances and needs and make recommendations regarding proceeding with an adoption. An attorney might also be able to help clients understand the legal technicalities of adoption and keep their clients from experiencing fraud, disappointment or expensive legal battles.


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