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Divorce Archives

Gray divorce: trend is national, but decisions are individual

Statistics never tell the full story. The increase in divorce after 50, for example, is clearly reflected in national statistics. In simple terms, the divorce rate for people in that demographic group has doubled in the last twenty years.

Staying business partners after a divorce

In previous blog posts, we have discussed how divorcing spouses can divide a family business. Yet, what if both spouses want to continue the business? A recent article in The New York Times discussed couples that have been able to remain business partners after deciding not to be life partners.

Dealing with Insurance Issues During Divorce

During the often stressful time of divorce, some things fall through the cracks. One of those items dealing with different types of insurance including health, life, homeowner's and car insurance. These issues, however, are important to deal with and can cause many headaches if not dealt with during the divorce.

Repeat Divorce: More Common and More Complicated

You've probably heard the statistic: 50 percent of marriages end in divorce; but did you know that number rises another 17 percent for second marriages? An analysis of 2010 data by the National Center for Family and Marriage Research at Bowling Green State University in Ohio found that the overall divorce rate was much greater for second marriages.

Check Finances Before Going Through a Divorce

In addition to the emotional strain of a divorce, the process can put a person through considerable financial trouble as well. However, preparation for a financial separation from your spouse can make dealing with the mass of paperwork involved easier, as well as reduce your financial burden from legal bills and educate both you and your spouse about the financial situation. There are five steps that you can take to ease the stress from a divorce.

Divorcing Couples Need Separate Car Insurance Policies

It may sound strange, but divorcing couples need to make sure to tell their car insurers the news. Getting a divorce will affect a couple's car insurance rates, but if this is left unchanged, it may subject someone to potential problems down the road. Most insurance policies have a statement that says they need to be informed when any change in status occurs, whether that be moving, buying a new car or getting divorced.

Dating While Divorcing: Consider the Consequences

Going through divorce certainly can be tough. It may seem like a good idea, therefore, to find a new partner to help lighten the emotional load. Indeed, most people eventually pick themselves up, dust themselves off and seek new, more rewarding relationships once a divorce is over - so why not start a little earlier?

Texting and Social Media Playing Role in Divorce Proceedings

We all know how ugly some divorce proceedings can get. Certain parties will do or say anything to get what they want. And yet, with the advent of smartphones and text messaging, lawyers are finding valuable information about the spouse right on the spouse's phone.

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