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Types of adoption

Individuals and couples in Georgia sometimes have concerns about adoption. This may be because a single person or a couple is interested in starting or adding to their family by adopting an infant, child or teen. In some cases, adults wish to adopt their stepchildren or children of relatives. In rare cases, adults may wish to adopt another adults.

Understanding and avoiding adoption fraud

The adoption process can be delicate and emotional. Adding to the difficulties that are already present during such proceedings, some prospective parents may fall victim to adoption fraud. Families in Georgia considering an adoption may benefit from recognizing warning signs of such fraud.

Is support offered to adoptive parents?

The state of Georgia offers assistance in certain adoption cases where it considers the child to have special needs. This includes any child who has any physical, emotional or mental disability, which a licensed psychologist or physician must validate. The definition also includes any child who has been in the custody of anybody other than the biological or legal parents for more than two full consecutive years.

Adoption and the necessary steps

Georgia residents who are thinking about adopting must be at least 25 years of age if they are single and need to be at least 10 years older than the children in question. Married people must be living with their spouses and must be 10 years older than the child, or children, to be adopted. Both married and single people must have resided in the state for six months before filing the paperwork to begin the adoption process.

500 children in limbo as the Congo stalls adoptions

Adopting a child is a difficult and emotional process. There are a number of legal hurdles Georgia residents face when expanding their families by adoption. Whether it is a step-parent adoption, a private adoption, or an international adoption, it can be an uphill battle. Georgia residents who are beginning an adoption journey may benefit by seeking legal counsel.

Madonna facing lawsuit for visitation rights of her daughter

There are numerous celebrities who adopt children from third-world countries in order to provide better lives for them. In most situations, the public sees celebrities with their newly adopted children, and the media casts a positive light on them. The children may make guest appearances in paparazzi photos, but that is often all that is heard of them for years.

Adopted Guatemalan Boy's Future could be Decided by Christmas: Post 2

This is the continuation of the post, Adoption of Guatemalan Boy's Future could be Decided by Christmas. The series discusses a specifically heartbreaking child custody story of a little adopted boy. What makes situations like these especially difficult is that the child is usually adopted by very loving parents.

Adopted Guatemalan Boy's Future could be Decided by Christmas

In a prior post titled Adoption of Guatemalan Child of an Imprisoned Illegal Immigrant Contested, we published the news of a young Guatemalan mother whose parental rights to her young boy were terminated while she was incarcerated for using false papers to obtain a job in the United States. The Guatemalan ambassador to the United States came to advocate for the mother at a hearing where both parties in the child custody case presented their arguments to the Missouri Supreme Court.

Adoption of Guatemalan Child of an Imprisoned Illegal Immigrant Contested

A mother or father's parental rights may be terminated by a court of law for neglect, abuse or abandonment of their child. Termination of parental rights requires sufficient due process. One state Supreme Court is set to decide whether or not a court has the power to terminate the parental rights of an illegal immigrant under the basis that imprisonment constitutes abandonment.

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