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Check Finances Before Going Through a Divorce

In addition to the emotional strain of a divorce, the process can put a person through considerable financial trouble as well. However, preparation for a financial separation from your spouse can make dealing with the mass of paperwork involved easier, as well as reduce your financial burden from legal bills and educate both you and your spouse about the financial situation. There are five steps that you can take to ease the stress from a divorce.

Divorcing Couples Need Separate Car Insurance Policies

It may sound strange, but divorcing couples need to make sure to tell their car insurers the news. Getting a divorce will affect a couple's car insurance rates, but if this is left unchanged, it may subject someone to potential problems down the road. Most insurance policies have a statement that says they need to be informed when any change in status occurs, whether that be moving, buying a new car or getting divorced.

Dating While Divorcing: Consider the Consequences

Going through divorce certainly can be tough. It may seem like a good idea, therefore, to find a new partner to help lighten the emotional load. Indeed, most people eventually pick themselves up, dust themselves off and seek new, more rewarding relationships once a divorce is over - so why not start a little earlier?

Texting and Social Media Playing Role in Divorce Proceedings

We all know how ugly some divorce proceedings can get. Certain parties will do or say anything to get what they want. And yet, with the advent of smartphones and text messaging, lawyers are finding valuable information about the spouse right on the spouse's phone.

Facebook Status Update: "I'm Divorced"

Internet news sites and newspapers are packed with stories about Facebook's contribution to the divorce process. Largely ignored, however, is Facebook's impact on life after divorce. Questions we never would have imagined 10 years ago, such as whether to keep an ex-spouse on the "friends" list or how much of one's inner life to put on the "wall," now challenge many divorced people.

When a Happy Time of Year Clashes With a Difficult Time in Life

As the holidays approach, people struggling with divorce are likely to feel the effects even more deeply. Whether a person is in the midst of a divorce or looking back, whether the divorce was their choice or not, coping with the consequences requires enormous effort and insight.

Underwater Houses, Home Equity and Divorce: Sink, Tread Water or Swim?

Many spouses who consider divorce in the current economy face questions about either spouse's ability to keep a house that is worth much less than it may have been several years ago. Marital property division can be difficult under the best of financial circumstances, but negative equity in the family home can pose challenges if the house is the couple's primary asset.

Kardashian Split Raises Questions About Divorce

By now most of us have heard the news that Kim Kardashian has recently filed for divorce from husband Kris Humphries after 72 days of marriage. Critics have said that the wedding was nothing more than a sham and publicity stunt designed to raise ratings for Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

Addressing All Aspects of Child Custody During a Divorce

We all know that not every marriage lasts. Deciding to get a divorce is an extremely difficult time for anyone, and it can be even more challenging when the couple has children. The emotional toll of a divorce will impact each and every person in the family, and it is important to keep this in mind when going through the process. All too often, one of the spouses will want the divorce to end as soon as possible. They may make decisions that do not take into account very important factors, which can be difficult to reverse once accepted by the court. All issues, from property division to child custody, need to be discussed in detail at the time of the divorce.

Protect Finances during Divorce

Going through a divorce can be a traumatic and painful experience. It is easy to become overwhelmed by all of the changes that such an event can bring into a person's life. As difficult as it may be to try to think about life after the marriage is over, it is crucial that a person going through a divorce take steps to ensure their financial health after the divorce is final.

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