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If you are facing divorce or any other family law matter, you need a lawyer who will stand up for your best interests. You need someone who does what is right for you, your family and your future, no matter what challenges need to be overcome in the process. At Abbott & Abbott, doing what is right for you and your family is our business.

Aggressive Family Law Representation
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Comprehensive Family Law Representation

When things get complicated, before or after your divorce, you can count on our aggressive approach. Our divorce lawyers are ready to fight for your rights in any family law case involving divorce, property division, child custody or child support, and much more.

We are also experienced in handling complex divorce and family law cases, such as high-asset divorce or military divorce. We have the experience to handle contentious cases. In Georgia, unlike many states, bad conduct is still relevant in divorce cases, and it can influence court judgments. Cases involving allegations of bad conduct are typically contentious.

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At Abbott & Abbott, our lawyers know the local courts. We are skilled at negotiation and trial practice. For a free 30-minute consultation with our Canton and Marietta attorneys, contact us today. We accept all major credit cards.